Full Service Vending Equipment

Fox River Vending provides their customers with the newest state of the art equipment on the market. Our guaranteed vending machines will provide your employees with less frustration and stress throughout their work day. We keep our machines running so you can keep your employees working.

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Snack Machine:

This is one of Fox River Vending's most popular vending machines. The snack machine, you most likely have used one before but did it have what you were looking for in it? Did it take what you had in your pocket ($1-$20 Bills). Our machines can and ours do. They can take $1, $5 $10 $20 and give back $5 bills to. We also fill to Plan-O- Gram with the industries top sellers in every machine. But we also can fill it how ever you would request. Most of are snack are Guaranteed Vend machine meaning you never lose money if your product does not fall.
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Glass Front Soda Machine:

Our Glass Front Soda Machines dispenses as many as 40 different varieties of sodas, juices, energy drink, milks, and flavored waters if it comes it a bottle or can it can run it. This robotic machine also gives you the ability to see whats in it and it give us the ability to run more seasonal items like teas and one off flavors. This machine is an excellent option if your looking to maximize the variety of soda in the workplace.
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Fresh Food Machine:

Our sandwich machines hold up to 225 items, and with the verity of fresh food we carry its a must. The two way rotation of our sandwich machines saves the customer time in locating the sandwich of their choice. 10 rotating shelves allows our customers to clearly see the items they are purchasing. This machine also contains easy open doors for customer ease.
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Coffee Machine:

The best way to start your day is with a delicious steaming cup of fresh brew coffee! We carry both fresh brew and freeze dried coffee machines to best suit each individual customers needs and taste. The coffee in it also comes form the valley form victor allen's. Our coffee machines are also equipped with various cappacinos ranging from the standard flavors such as French Vanilla and Almond Amarreto, and Hot Coco to more unique flavors like Butterfinger and Cafe Mocha. This coffee machine also contains a Guaranteed Vend feature in the coffee serving area to eliminate any refund issues.
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Combo Snack/Food Machine:

This machine is an excellent option for smaller accounts that would like fresh food in their vending machines. This is a state of the art snack machine with a cooling unit to allow for fresh food, bottle sodas, juices and milks to be vended in the machine. This machine allows for outstanding visabilty of all fresh food items. In addition, this machine is a Sure Vend Machine to eliminate product hang ups and refund issues. Again, this machine accepts larger currencies.
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Ice Cream Machine:

You scream I scream we all scream for Ice Cream! Our customers love our Robotic Ice Cream machines. Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge Bars you name it we carry all kinds of Ice Cream bars and flavors. You punch in the selection and it opens the freezer lid and picks it out. We also carry frozen machines that carry frozen food like Hot pockets, and Frozen Meals to. They are a great option for the summer months thought there doesn't seem to be a lot of those in Wisconsin.